What is Billionaires of Moments about?

View the Billionaires of Moments Nibhaya archive: http://nirbahya.billionairesofmoments.com

In the world we live in, success is currently being defined by power, money and position. For their whole lives, people are clamouring to get on such lists which place importance on these things above all. However, what matters to people are the little moments in life that lead to the big defining moments. Moreover, it is famously said by an unknown author that,

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away.’

Then why are people not in a race to collect moments but instead in a race to become billionaires by making money? There is a dire need to redefine success. So, What if success is measured by the number of memorable moments one collects in his or her lifetime? But first what is a moment – it is a defining experience that makes an impression on an individual in a significant way. Abundance of such moments can enrich our lives beyond measure better than making money can. Hence we should all aim to be billionaires of moments rather than billionaires of money.

Billionaires of moments is an effort to capture stories of individuals who become billionaires by creating moments of impact around them. We want to start this off by paying homage to the violence suffered by Nirbhaya in the Dehli rape case. She is a billionaire of moments, having inspired action and change as many people publicly protested the travesty of justice she was served. Visit http://nirbhaya.billionairesofmoments.com to see an archive.

May be we all can become billionaires of moments by depositing moments that matter to us the most. These moments form the new currency of the country’s imagination and be the digital legacy we could leave for generations to come. May be we could have a Top 100 billionaires of moments and all of us should dream of being on it.

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